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Every day Choice Magazine Listening receives letters, emails, and phone calls from grateful listeners who want us to know how much they appreciate our unique free service. The following is a small sampling of recent feedback:

“I lost my eyes in the Iraq war. You make my world when I hear the tapes.” - Salina, KS

“Digital is the best thing that ever happened. The sound is so clear—it feels like the reader is right there in the room. Keep up the good work!” - Chicago, IL

“Thanks to the board and staff for making a better world for blind people. Choice Magazine is so wonderful! Everybody involved is my candidate for a MacArthur Prize.” - Berkeley, CA

“My mother had nearly reached age 101! Your tapes offered her a window to the outside world when her eyesight was nearly gone. Keep up your good works for others like my mom!” - Red Bluff, CA

“Please put me on the digital list. I get a lot of books on tape, but CML is my favorite. I don’t want to miss any of it.” - Roseville, MN

“You guys do such a great job. Honestly, it’s like Christmas when it comes.” - Wauconda, IL

“I have been borrowing CML from my friends, and I look forward to it so much. I can’t wait until I get my own subscription.” - East Patchogue, NY

“My mom taught English literature at two colleges. Macular degeneration ended her career and her ability to read. She treasures all that you send her and she loves the new digital machine. Thank you for your wonderfully kind work.” - Albuquerque, NM

“I’m thrilled just anticipating these tapes! I’m grateful for your generosity.” - Bal Harbour, FL

“With my busy life I don’t spend much time relaxing. Your magazine is a wonderful publication and one of the few escapes from my hectic schedule. Keep up the good work!” - Tuscaloosa, AL

“I love all the publications you choose articles from—and the articles are great! It’s something I’m not able to do for myself—going through all these publications and deciding what’s good. It also keeps me up-to-date with the writing world.” - Sun Prairie, WI

“You’re the best thing that happened to me since I went blind. And you have such great narrators!” - Rapid City, SD

“I’m so appreciative of CML. It has infinitely improved the quality of my life. Thank you!” - Montclair, NJ

“I just got my new digital subscription yesterday and I’m just so excited. You guys surely stay ahead of the curve, don’t you? You do such a wonderful job. Such diversity—great literary stuff all the time! I’m one of the original readers from way back when. Thank you!” - Mount Dora, FL

“I am one of the original ‘charter members’—one of the testers when CML started out. Your tapes are really wonderful and I want the editors to know that.” - Erie, PA

“This is such a good idea—I can’t believe this service. What a difference that digital player has made; it’s so much easier. Thank you!” - Shelburne, VT

“CML is better than an antidepressant. It’s a godsend.” - Suffern, NY

“I have been listening to these tapes for twenty years, and when they arrive, it’s still the best thing that happens to me that week. You have the best stories, and I love the science and adventure articles. Please keep up the good work!” - Brooklyn, NY

“Whoever came up with this idea? I enjoy CML so much—it’s the best! Thank you!” - Midlothian, VA

“My mother-in-law is 103 years old and just received the new digital player.  She really enjoys listening to CML articles and is looking forward to downloading them.” - Seattle, WA

“I really love your magazine. Believe me, I couldn't do without it. I just got the new digital machine and I want to download from the NLS website. I thought I would save you some money. Thank you very much!” - Pittsburgh, PA

“I would like to express my appreciation for your service. I didn't know about CML for a long time until someone at the library told me about it. Your editors do a wonderful job and so do your professional readers. The selections are very good. I am amazed that you guys go back almost 50 years!” - Santa Fe, CA

“My husband just loves your tapes. The dumber CNN gets, the more he loves Choice Magazine Listening.” - Santa Cruz, CA

“For several years I’ve listened to the tapes that are passed around in our support group, but now I would like to subscribe directly. I am very pleased CML uses some of my favorite readers—David Hartley-Margolin, Martha Harmon Pardee, Gabriella Cavallero. Thank you.” - Boothbay, ME

“I really look forward to CML—it’s a wonderful publication. We’re all excited about your new digital program, as you can imagine. Great idea!” - Portland, ME

“I have the greatest admiration for you folks at Choice Magazine Listening. I found out about the BVA through CML some 20 years ago. I needed help with a service and you asked me if I was blind and a veteran. I have been a subscriber of yours since then and I tell every veteran I meet about CML. You don't know how grateful I am to you.” - Los Angeles, CA

“I have been listening to your wonderful tapes for many years. I just found out I can download issues dating back to the end of 2007. That’s great—thank you for letting me know!” - Silver Springs, MD

“I have been wanting to call you and let you know how much I appreciate Choice Magazine Listening. What a great compilation of good writing. I recall one special article–it covered the landing of an airplane on the Hudson River. Such a good overview of the whole situation. An excellent article. Also another article about a young mother, I think, in Somalia. I thought of her effort in trying to get enough water for her family. It takes an article like that to bring people to a better understanding of what's going on. I have been turning off shower heads since then. You know something, water is not available to a lot of people. I just had to call and say thank you.” - Grand Haven, MI

“I would like again to thank you for the tapes you send me. There are always one or two provocative articles which tend to change my focus on the issues being discussed. In this regard, I was particularly impressed by the articles ‘The End of Men,’ ‘The World's Top Cop,’ and ‘Nothing Left.’” - Wylie, TX

“You guys are awesome. I wish CML came out twice a month. That's the only complaint I have, that I don’t get it often enough. My wife asks where I learned all kinds of stuff and I tell her, Choice Magazine Listening!” - Tucson, AZ

“I absolutely loved the article you ran by Georgina Kleege, ‘Blind Faith.’ CML is my favorite magazine, and this is exactly what I love about it–good writing that includes short stories, poems, essays, etc.  I think more blind people should take advantage of your service.” - Danbury, CT

“Your tapes are wonderful. The selections are just fantastic. You even have articles from the NY Review of Books!” - Brooklyn, NY

“I’m a new subscriber and I just love your magazine. The articles and stories are wonderful and so well written. I loved the Ray Bradbury interview.” - Newbern, NC

“I am one of your devoted customers–I am a 90-year-old veteran. How can you not say nice things about CML? I am so pleased with what you're doing!” - Sarasota, FL

“My recent discovery of Choice Magazine was truly a pleasure. It felt like I had discovered the world of books for the first time, again, and all the fun and promise it holds. I wanted more and fortunately the next edition was out! Thanks to the NLS, and to high quality publications like Choice, the privilege of reading is available to me once again. I applaud the editorial staff at Choice for selecting diverse, interesting, informative, and fine literature.” - Email Correspondence

“Your magazine means more to me than anything else I listen.” - Littleton, CO

“You guys are terrific. I have been reading Choice for 25 years. It's fantastic. Thank you all very much for what you do!” - Hendersonville, NC

The digital player is fantastic! The sound quality is great! Also, your readers - they're doing a real fantastic job! Jim, Jill - its really great! - Waxhaw, NC

“You are fantastic! What a serendipitous finding! I never knew I was so interested in most of your articles. Very interesting! I have been listening the heck out of it! I have even gone camping with it.” - Lynwood, WA

What a wonderful newsletter. CML editors pick stimulating, interesting material and the newsletter makes all of us feel like family. Keep up the superb work! - Port Washington, NY



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